Clean Earth Credit Administration

Clean Earth Credit Administration helps companies that are participating in a cap-and-trade program administer their pollution-related assets ("Gassets").  CECA manages the accumulation, use, trading, retirement, and inventory of carbon credits and emission allowances for existing programs.  The software tracks the buying, selling and trading of Gassets, even in complicated co-ownership relationships.

     * Carbon Credit Inventory and Management

     * Carbon Credit Trading and Analysis

     * SO2, NOx Allowance Management

     * Reconciliation to Regulatory Databases

     * EDR and XML/EDR Import

     * Moving Average Cost Calculation

     * FERC Reporting

     * Custom Reporting

     * CO2 Trading Tutorials









My Clean Earth - Learn to be Environmentally Responsible

My Clean Earth is educational software that guides students through the confusing world of Global Warming, Carbon Offsets and Environmental Responsibility.  My Clean Earth lets students calculate their own Carbon Footprint, and teaches them how they would offset that footprint in today's global community.  The overall goal of the software is to teach the science student that living on this earth comes with a responsibility to maintain a delicate environmental infrastructure.  Of course, My Clean Earth is useful for anybody with a desire to learn about Global Climate Change.

     * Carbon Footprint Calculation

     * Carbon Footprint What-if Analysis

     * Global Climate Change Educational Tutorial

     * Personal Environmental Responsibility Educational Tutorial

     * Cap and Trade Educational Tutorial

     * CO2 Trading Basics Tutorial






Clean Earth Offsets At Home - Carbon Offset Analysis and Trading from Your Computer

Clean Earth OATH will guide you through calculating your carbon footprint, considering potential CO2 offset methods that are approved by the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), purchase or sell CDM-approved Certified Emissions Reduction credits, calculate their cumulative credit value, and keep up-to-date with the latest news and rules relating to Global Warming and what you can do about it.

     * Carbon Footprint Calculation

     * Carbon Footprint What-if Analysis

     * Advanced CO2 Trading

     * Comprehensive Tutorials